Downtown Chatham Centre welcomes you. We wish to make this a festive, fun, event with great booths and an exciting array of quality arts and crafts to offer shoppers.

The purpose of this show is to promote local quality art and craft talents. Vendors are not allowed to sell any market product.

In order to make this event successful, here are the following instructions:

Décor: Everyone is encouraged to decorate their tables in an attractive, festive, manner. All personal items and inventory must be hidden (out of sight) under the tables before we open the doors on Friday morning.

Set Up: All vendors will set up their displays on Friday, Nov 17, between 7:30 am and 9:30 am. Should you require unloading, please see the map below.

Parking: On the day of the Show all vendor vehicles must be moved to the parking area.

Day of art & craft show: All vendors must be at their tables and finished with their set-up no later than 9:45am on the day of the event. The doors will open to the public at 10:00 AM.

Cash: All vendors are expected to maintain their own “bank” to make change for their sales. There will be security guards on duty during the open hours of the Show.

Breaks: Vendors are encouraged to cover for each other or have a friend to take over sales for meal/bathroom breaks. No booth should ever be unattended during the Show hours.

On Friday night: You can cover up your booth and leave it as the mall is secured or can also remove and return next morning.

Booth Take-Down: Vendors must remain at their booths until the completion of the show unless they are 100% sold out of merchandise.

Let’s all have a good time, and make 2017 a great year for Artisan & Crafters!

DCC Merry Market

Cost: $30  

Last date to submit the form: 12 November 2017

Payments to be made at DCC Office, by cash or cheque.
For further details Contact:     P: 519.351.1271 x 221


1. Do you provide table?
– No, we don’t. All the participants are required to bring their own equipment/table and are responsible for the same. The table should be manned all the time.

2. How much space is available for the participants?
– 10 x 10 feet

3. Where is the display taking place?
– Inside the mall, throughout the lower level of the Downtown Chatham Centre.

4. What is the time of the event?
– It’s same as malls opening hours: On November 17th, Friday 10 – 9pm & on 18th, Saturday 10 – 6 pm.

5. Is it possible to take part on one day of the event?
– No, this is a 2-day event. Participant must be there on both the days.

6. When should I set my booth up?
– The mall opens at 7:30 am for vendors, and setup must be before 10am.

7. What happens to my booth on Friday night?
– You can cover up your booth and leave it as the mall is secured or can also remove and return next morning.

8. Do you have unloading area?
– Yes, we have unloading area and facility here in the mall where you will be able to move your stuff.

9. Are direct sales allowed?
– No. This is a crafter/Artisans show. Only handmade product by you is allowed to be sold. Let’s celebrate local crafters & artisans!

10. How much is the cost and how do I take part?
– The cost is $30 and it covers both the days. Cash or cheque accepted.

11. When will I know about my booth no. and location?
– We will post the information on our Facebook event page 2 days prior to the event.

You can download the form online from our website, fill and submit it to our office. For further details Contact: P: 519.351.1271 x 221

NOTE: Submit your form ASAP to reserve a spot.